3B Business Basics


  • Are you one of the 63% of entrepreneurs that has not yet broken 6 figures?
  • Have you invested in program after program, tactic after tactic and still find yourself spinning?
  • Are you working far too hard for far too little?
  • ​Do you ever feel overwhelmed with ALL THE THINGS you need to handle/master in your business.
  • ​Do you feel like you sometimes (or often) confuse activity with progress?

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In fact you are in the majority...you have business that is marginally successful and you are trapped. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs NEVER break free of "The Marginal Success Trap" and that my friends is a crime. There are many, many reasons why small business owners like you get stuck, why some fail or simply settle for a fraction of what is possible.

But in reality it comes down to 3 key issues

1. They have not COMPLETED and integrated the 10 Business Basics
2. They have not gotten their mindset straight in their head, heart, and belief system
3. They have not built in an accountability system for themselves (yes virtually all entrepreneurs RESIST accountability and costs them their success and satisfaction)


Handle these three categories and freedom can be yours...

Ignore them and you are at best a hampster on a treadmill and at worst an entrepreneur with an expiry date stamped on your forehead that will go back to a job when the expiry date is past...
Now THAT is a sobering thought...

You are an intelligent person...

I know you are thinking well what are the 10 business basics?

Do I have them complete?

Are they well integrated in my business??

All great questions

Step one is to find out if they are complete in your business and you can do that by taking 3 minutes to complete this survey "The 10 Business Basics"

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Weekly on Mondays, we're going to overcome mental roadblocks, reprogram your mind for ease, effectiveness and elevation to get all aspects of your mind working in the direction of your goals.
Weekly on Wednesday, we'll cover what you need to do and get done, what you need to consider in the next steps and what decisions you need to make to get you through to your next breakthrough.
Weekly following the Topic Training where we'll all turn everything off and get the work done. This is not training, clarity or otherwise...this is pen to paper, fingers to keyboards and faces to recordings. This is go time and nothing will get in the way.
Weekly on Friday we're going to go through your report on what you Did and Did Not Do. We're going to identify the exact roadblock, is it mental, emotional, physical, technical... whatever it is we're going to be strategically accountable to find it, break it down and get moving forward again.


Evaluating your mindset is actually super simple...

Do you have the income, the freedom, and the lifestyle that you wanted when you started your business?

If not you NEED support with your mindset.

The Truth is that there are no business problems...only personal problems that you have built into your business...

Your business income CANNOT outgrow your personal development.

The truth is your business is THE most perfectly designed personal development in the universe for YOU!

But the truth is most entrepreneurs do not truly leverage the power and possibility of the personal transformation aspect of entrepreneurship...

It is easy to see why... there is simply so much to DO in your businesses that without support it can become almost impossible to focus on our state of BEING!


There is a dark side to freedom of entrepreneurship...

That is there is no one to report to, no one you HAVE to face when you don't follow through as you said you would, No one to facilitate the difficult conversations of "I am off track", I choose not to do it, I made up an excuse...

This pattern can be one of the most destructive in the universe...not just for the business but for our self esteem, self confidence and self respect.

The research is perfectly clear, simply declaring a goal to another person especially a coach or someone in a similar role makes a MONUMENTAL impact on actually attaining the goal.

Combine that with structured support and a community...
Well that is an EPIC winning combination!

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