When people are begging to promote your product to their tribe, and your clients are extremely grateful for people you have referred, 
You're INstream.

If you've ever hoped that you could add a zero on to your income, then
you need to get INstream.  

Here’s what you get when you join:

Your Initial 2 Hour Kickoff

In this call we will: 

Identify your Ideal Partners, 
Strategy of Partner Development, 
Identifying which Stage of Relationship you're at, 
Systems and Strategies to move them up,
3 for Free - How to go first and become relevant to your potential partners,
3 for Fee -  Invest time, money or effort into becoming even more relevant to your potential partners,
3 for Me - Make 3 requests for people to support you,

We'll help you to outline and implement
through your
Partner Strategy Worksheets.

We'll identify your game plan
Short term, Medium term and Long term.

And, in the end... you will

Have Powerful and Deep Relationships where people LOVE serving, supporting and partnering with you! 

5 Weekly Calls 

These calls will have:

and Accountability
Fast forwarding your results in the most
Simple and Straightforward 
Methods Possible
Weekly on Mondays, we're going to overcome mental roadblocks, reprogram your mind for ease, effectiveness and elevation to get all aspects of your mind working in the direction of your goals.
Weekly on Wednesday, we'll cover what you need to do and get done, what you need to consider in the next steps and what decisions you need to make to get you through to your next breakthrough.
Weekly following the Topic Training where we'll all turn everything off and get the work done. This is not training, clarity or otherwise...this is pen to paper, fingers to keyboards and faces to recordings. This is go time and nothing will get in the way.
Weekly on Friday we're going to go through your report on what you Did and Did Not Do. We're going to identify the exact roadblock, is it mental, emotional, physical, technical... whatever it is we're going to be strategically accountable to find it, break it down and get moving forward again.

InStream Group Coaching, Application & Integration Dates
Wednesdays 2:00pm – 3:00pm MST Training

3:00pm – 4:00pm MST Group Work Block

There is a digital recording and comprehensive workbook that is instantly available in addition to the live training and coaching calls

We went from not being able to give away anything online to
making over 9 Million Dollars in Online Sales using this exact method. 

I know you're busy creating your thing that you're doing.


When you are truly INstream you will have a steady stream of perfectly qualified leads for whatever it is that you're doing. 

Are you ready to step up to your A Game in business relationship building??

Tired of "Kissing Frogs" in the Joint Venture space?

Want to create real "ROR". Return on Relationships...I know that can sound cold...yet if you really get and understand the power of your strategic relationships then you realize that something this powerful NEEDS to be measured...remember "what gets measured improves"

If you are like most people you KNOW the truth of all the old sayings...

Your Networth = you Network
You are the average of the 5 people that you hang around most often
It is not WHAT you know it is WHO you know..

As entrepreneurs we all KNOW the truth of these adages


We are BUSY
We have fires that MUST be put out
We have family demands
We have cash flow issues
We have COVID restrictions
We have staff, team and contractors to keep busy and on track

We have a MILLION things that NEED our focus and energy NOW...

It can be difficult to invest the time to find the right partners, build the relationships and live the JVology Motto of "A Joint Venture is a game of I will go first"


I have been there and done that...

Hell, I have been there and NOT done that😉

What I can tell you is that focusing on the URGENT at the expense of the IMPORTANT has cost me tremendously...

I spent 3 years trying to figure out online marketing on my own in my office BURNING 100,000 of dollars...

Yet one powerful relationship and partnership added over 20,000 opt in to my list and over $250,000 in sales in a matter of a short few months!

So the question that you must ask yourself is how do I create the commitment, time and process to create the powerful relationships and Joint Venture Partners that are PERFECT??

The answer is "INstream"

Join us and in 6 short weeks you will have great relationships and life long partners!. 

Next Start Date: Fall 2022
October 19th - November 23th

Total Value: You'll Just Have to Find Out.

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