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 The 7 Figure Joint Venture Formula!
Livestream Workshop

October 12th, 2022 @ 1:00 - 4:00 pm MT

Join Jay Fiset and special guests to discover the insider secrets to 7 Figure Joint Ventures!


  • The behind the scenes of industry leaders "VERY BEST Joint Venture Deals"
  • ​How to build a 7 figure business with as little as 20 Joint Venture Partners
  • ​How to Connect, Attract & Qualify perfect "INstream Partners"
  • ​Get in on REAL Deal in Real Time with quality partners that will MAKE YOU $$!!

Special Guests

Ann Hession

Ann Hession is a heart-centered sales expert, who helps healers and soulpreneurs who have amazing gifts for the world but are “allergic” to sales and selling. As a medical intuitive and energy healer with over 30 years experience in transformational healing, and a sales expert who’s personally sold millions of dollars of products and services, she’s uniquely qualified to help heart-based business owners transform their relationship to sales, so they can confidently and easily grow their business without ever feeling fake, pushy, or salesy!

Michael Neeley

Michael Neeley is the International Bestselling author of Zero to Launch Podcast Accelerator and has been a leading expert in the field since 2016.
As the founder of the Authority Academy, he helps visionary entrepreneurs go from the “best-kept” secret to the “Go-To” expert in their field, while increasing their revenue stream and decreasing their workload. Michael has multiple joint venture opportunities including everything from his flagship course based on his book to his annual Podcaster’s Cruise.

Jordan Adler

Jordan Adler is the author of the Amazon bestseller “Beach Money” which has sold over 1 million copies. His service opens doors like nothing else. If you are constantly chasing money, this could solve your problem. His company has paid out over $200 million in commissions. A joint venture or collaboration with him will be an increase value for your clients and a new revenue stream that can pay you residuals for years to come.

Brad Mooney

Brad Mooney is one of the founders of Awareness Strategies, a Digital Marketing and automation company for Small Business. As an Electrical Engineer with an MBA in information technology he leads the tech side of the business. Awareness Strategies partners with small business to provide “Done For You” Marketing, Sales and Fulfillment Automation. They specialize in creating a Digital Adoption Roadmap, so you know the steps that need to be accomplished to grow your business.

Linda Cain

If you know Linda - you know she LOVES events! As a strategist coach and event producer, Linda and her team at Blu Diamond, helps her clients create repeatable 6 & 7 figure profitable events. Linda believes in the magic of creating an event driven business and typically works with clients all year long to grow their process and create amazing experiences for their audience. Whether you are doing a retreat, live in person or virtual event, you will want to tap into the 20 plus years of this team who has done it and seen it all and continues to work with the top entrepreneurs in our community.
Discover the insider secrets to 7 Figure Joint Ventures!
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